Ireland Writer Tours

The Emerald Forest

Oh my gosh in chocolate heaven! There is an Ireland Writer Tours not just once this year but several times! How can someone choose which one to attend? June 5-12 tour will be hosted by Entangled editor Kate Brauning and author Pamela Nowak while the July 10-17 tour will be hosted by editor Lisa Maxwell and author Jaye Robin Brown. Then there is the much talked about August 7-14 tour hosted by author and contest queen Brenda Drake and the co-founder of Entangled Publishing Liz Pelletier . And lastly, there’s the August 21-28 hosted by author Dianne Salerni and editor Janet Lane.

The tours are mini-writers’ conferences that help get your manuscript ready for publication. With dinner in a haunted castle and visits to a mysterious lake, ancient forest and a cave with eerie true stories, the tour is filled with enchantment and enough creepy to spark your writing juices.  Combine this with professional critiques and editing advise and you’ve got one helluva trip! And don’t forget you can write this off at tax time since it’s a learning event.

Get your passports ready! And happy day writing.

P.D. Pabst
Blogger and writer of MG/YA fiction.


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