About Me

My passion is writing novels and screenplays. I will not apologize for my demented mind. Therefore, I must warn you about reading the contaminants of this blog. I take no responsibility for this window to my brain.

As this blog has grown, I’ve become the queen of announcing contests, conferences, internships, workshops, and getaways. This was accidental, but couldn’t be helped because I love giving back to the writing community. I want everyone to know about the great opportunities available to them.

I was selected to participate in Pitchmas, The Writer’s Voice, NestPitch and Query Kombat. I’ve mentored several writers with their pitches and critiqued/edited their manuscripts. My highlighted moment was when I was first mentioned in the acknowledgments of Richard Sutton’s On Parson Creek.

When I’m not writing, I pay attention to my surrounding at work and might possibly steal evil characteristics from unfavorable customers. So, if you want to be the hero in my next story, be kind because I might be watching you.

I recently moved to be closer to my daughter and grandson. Yay! I also have three handsome stepsons from a previous marriage, though one recently passed away from a vehicle accident. But no matter what, or where they are, they will always be in my heart.

I’m divorced and haven’t dated since 2013. (Feeling good about it too!) This is my choice because I’m trying to build a career peeps, but I also work a crap-ton of hours. When I’m not working, or visiting my family, my hands are pounding on my laptop. Only when I write do I feel completely whole. (Cliché, I know, but truth.)

Some of my favorite eats and drinks are cheese, jalapenos, lobster, brownies, wine, and tea. LOT’S OF TEA! I’ll read nearly anything weird or scary. Some of my favorite author’s are Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Suzanne Collins, J.K. Rowling, Victoria Aveyard, Nicole Conway, Julie C Dao, Elly Blake, Jonathan Stroud, Stephanie Garber, Angie Thomas, Kendare Blake, Jane Austen, Paul Durham, Heidi Heilig, R. J. Palacio, Kelly Barnhill, and so many more!

I’m a member of SCBWI, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr where I mingle with other writers. However, writing is a long journey and editors can be expensive. If you are feeling generous, please click on the link below to donate. No amount is too little. Thanks for stopping by my blog and may you always be blessed.


All donations will be in USA dollars. Know your country’s currency exchange rates. And thank you!


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