About Donations & Critiques

My passion is writing novels and screenplays. I will not apologize for my demented mind. Therefore, I must warn you about reading the contaminants of this blog. I take no responsibility for this window to my brain.

As this blog has grown, I’ve become the queen of contests, conferences, internships, workshops, and getaway announcements. This was accidental, but couldn’t be helped because I love giving back to the writing community. I want everyone to know about the great opportunities available to them. Unfortunately, this is also very time consuming and pays zilch. This is why I decided to add the link for donations below. Seriously, even just one, five, or ten USA dollars will help.

I hope to continue giving away free critiques and announce more opportunities for writers for years to come. And for 2017, I hope to have more giveaways, including author books and professional editing coupons. (Much of this depends on the donations received.)

I was selected to participate in Pitchmas, The Writer’s Voice, NestPitch and Query Kombat. I’ve mentored several writers with their pitches and critiqued/edited their manuscripts. My highlighted moment was when I was first mentioned in the acknowledgments of Richard Sutton’s On Parson Creek. You could call me a mentor of the movies in your head. Come join me, if you dare.

You can also inquire about critiques by emailing me at pdpabst2@gmail.com. My fees are:

  • Pitch: $5 (Up to three rounds to perfect.)
  • Query: $10 (Two passes.)
  • First Chapter: $15 (Up to 20 pages, unless authorized for more. One pass.)
  • Full manuscripts: Price various depending on what the writer is looking for )overall assessment, line editing, etc.) I am no the best fit for Sci-Fi, historical fiction, or non-fiction.

All critiques will be paid via PayPal. And remember, if you’ve nothing for me to critique but are feeling generous, you can click the link below to donate.


All donations will be in USA dollars. Know your country’s currency exchange rates. And thank you!


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