If you need to contact me with questions, you may email me. But please remember that I am not an agent or a publisher. So please, don’t ask me to represent or publish your work.

And trust me spammers, if you flood my inbox, I WILL send virtual zombies to eat your computer’s brain!

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello, Dr. Beth Cuje’ here. I’m finishing a video series on my Choice-Cube Method. (See Wikipedia: Beth Cuje) My website is I recently watched your film, “Validation” and would like to know, “Could I use your work with credits, of course, in Video 2 “Focus is Everything!”? My email is I would greatly appreciate a yeah or nay. Warmly, Beth Cuje’.

    1. Dr. Beth Cuje, Please forgive the delay, as I have not been active for an plethora of reasons, health being among them. However, I’m attempting to get back on the horse! While I’m flattered that you reached out to me, “Validation” was not one of my works, so I can’t grant permission. However, you most likely have figured that out by now. Still, I didn’t want you request to go unanswered. I wish you the best of luck with your project. Sincerely, P.D. Pabst

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