BLACK FOG (YA Paranormal Romance): 100% Complete

BEYOND ARROWHEAD LAKE Formerly BEAST (MG Fairytale Redux-BATB): 100% Complete

THIS SCARY MANOR BLOWS: (MG Paranormal Mystery): 100% Complete

LIAR OF HAHNRY (MG Fantasy): 100% Complete

Untitled (MG Contemporary): 10% (Currently commanding to be written.)

FROST (YA Fairytale Retelling): 18% (On pause)

Untitled Witch Story: 12% (On pause)

Untitled Sibling Rivalry (Retelling): 13% (On pause)

I have over 282 story ideas with notes, but I’ll only update the stories that I’ve actually started writing. Thanks to everyone who supports my writing and has followed along in contests that I have won. You rock my world:-)


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