Contest: 2014 Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction by Authoress

This post is to remind you that the submission window opens tomorrow for the 2014 Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction. This contest is hosted by Authoress on her blog Miss Snark’s First Victim. Here are some important dates to know:


October 28: Adult fiction (no erotica), 9am-5pm EDT (100 max)
October 30: Adult fiction (no erotica) , 9am-5pm EDT (100 max)
(Note: NA is included with the adult rounds and should be labeled as such.)

November 4: YA/MG fiction (all genres), 9am-5pm EDT (150 max)
November 6: YA/MG fiction (all genres), 9am-5pm EDT (150 max)

November 14: Adult winners will be notified via via email (25 total)

November 21: YA/MG winners will be notified via email (35 total)

November 28: The 60 winners will be posted on Authoress’ blog
December 2: Agents begin placing bids at 11am EDT (Auction closes 11pm)

December 4:  Winners announced

Authoress has lined up a total of TWENTY-ONE agents for this contest! How awesome is that? Here is a list to entice you to enter:

If you’re not familiar with this contest, know that it has an entry fee of $15 US dollars. Follow Miss Snark’s First Victim blog for further details!

As always, good luck!

P.D. Pabst
Writer and blogger of MG/YA fiction.


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