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HarperLegendYou know I can’t resist informing readers about opportunities for open submissions to publishers, especially when one of the pubs is a big house. HarperCollins has an imprint called HarperLeg…

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5 thoughts on “HarperLegend Submissions

    1. Linda,

      My apologies that my response has been so delayed. By now, I hope you realize that I’m not with a publishing house, nor am I an agent. Like you, I’m an author…an author that loves helping other writers find opportunities to find agents and/or instances of open submissions with publishers. You can find out how to submit your manuscripts by searching agency guidelines from each agency. (Same with publishers.) I mention a few places to research agencies on my blog under the tab: Literary Advise. Here is one post I wrote with several links: https://pdpabst.com/literary-advise/finding-a-literary-agent/ I can’t stress the importance of taking the time to research to make sure you are querying agents that represent the genre and age group that you write in. (Same for publishers, as well as the one listed in this post.) Good luck!

  1. I have a book named “Modern Errors About the New Testament” looking for an honest and decent publisher. I would like to send you a copy for review and publishing.

    1. Congrats on having a book ready to send to publishers! However, I am not a publisher. I recommend researching to know who represents the type of story you have written and sub to them. You can start by looking at publishers on QueryTracker, Publishers Marketplace, or editors on Manuscript Academy. Remember that the bigger publishers will require you to have an agent before submitting to them, but will most likely mention this on their website, as editors do on their BIO pages. Best of luck to you!

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