Spencer Hill Press Open Submissions


Hold the presses! Writers are getting messages that Spencer Hill Press isn’t taking submissions due to new management, despite what their website says. I’ve sent an email and hopefully I’ll back soon soon with confirmation and/or new dates when they’ll start taking submissions again. I’ll keep you posted!

The clock is ticking folks! Spencer Hill Press is taking open submissions for middle grade, young adult, and new adult for sci-fi, paranormal, or urban fantasy. For those unfamiliar with the policy for Spencer Hill Press, this is HUGE because this publishing company doesn’t normally take submissions from writers that aren’t represented by a literary agent. (Please note, if you have an agent you can still submit through normal channels.)

So, if you write in one of these categories/genres and your manuscript is FINISHED and POLISHED, submit by December 10th for a chance to be published by a very reputable publishing company.  I repeat, this is a small window of opportunity, so get your submissions in by December 10th, 2015. For all the important details go here.

As always, good luck!

P.D. Pabst
Blogger and writer of MG/YA fiction


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