Happy 4th of July!

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It’s another year of celebrating the Declaration of Independence, which was adopted 245 years ago on July 4, 1776. Typically, it’s a time of celebration with our families and friends, watching fireworks, and eating lots of food.  And with more people vaccinated, many will be able to have these mingling celebrations. While the pandemic might seem like it is winding down, it simply isn’t over. So be safe while having fun. And no matter how you celebrate, here are a few facts you may not know:

  • Although adopted on July 4, it wasn’t officially signed on this day.
  • More than one copy exists.
  • A riot broke out in New York upon the news and a statue of George III was melted to shape more than 42,000 musket balls.
  • Eight of the 56 signers were born in Britain and not America.
  • Richard Stockton became the only signer to later recant his support of the revolution.
  • One of the copies sold for $8.1 million.

For expanded explanations and additional things you may not know, go to History.com. As always, be safe and have a great day!

P.D. Pabst
Blogger and writer of MG/YA fiction


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