Horror Pitch Contest On Twitter


Well, I feel I’ve been out of the loop a while with the extra hours at work and exams at school. But I’ve completed all educated works and can get back to life. While surfing tonight on twitter, I came across a new contest for horror writers! Woohoo!

This contest is a twitter pitch contest using the hashtag #PitDark and is hosted by Jason Huebinger tomorrow May 12, 2016. (Yep, nothing like a super last-minute notice folks!) So hurry and get your 140 character pitches ready and be sure to follow the guidelines. If you won’t be home during the contest, you can use TweetDeck to schedule your tweets.

There will be THIRTY participating agents and a few participating publishers surfing twitter for your awesome pitches. And remember, this is for completed and polished unpublished manuscripts! For a complete list of agents and rules click the #PitDark hashtag.

As always, good luck!

P.D. Pabst
Blogger and author of MG/YA fiction



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