Write Club 2016


So where has this contest been hiding? There are only six more days left to enter and it sounds like it’ll be fun! The winner gets to be in a final round with agents as well as winning a trip to the sponsors conference DFW Writer’s Conference. You’ll need your first 500 words of your completed and UNPUBLISHED manuscript to enter before the deadline of February 26, 2016. Be aware you need to think of a penname because this contest is anonymous to the judges. Only the wife of the host DL Hammons will know the true identities of the masterminds behind the words. Click DL’s link for rules and guidelines for submitting and to see the list of judges and agents participating.

As Always, good luck.

P.D. Pabst
Blogger and writer of MG/YA fiction


2 thoughts on “Write Club 2016

    1. You’re welcome! I’m always excited to tell my readers about opportunities to get an agent. Things have been hectic, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to vote. But if I see some free time, I’ll stop by. Hope you have loads of fun and make some great matches for agents!

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