Cornerstone Literary Consultancy (US)


In case you fabulous writers missed their announcement, the website for the Cornerstone Literary Consultancy in the US is LIVE! As per their webpage, their book editors are agented and published writers, senior agents and acquiring editors at major publishing houses. Their script editors work in the film and TV industries and have penned scripts themselves. They offer a range of editorial services from in-depth reports to submission package assessment and intensive workshopping. And hey, they even scout for agents!

Every writer has to start somewhere with critiques. Why not have a professional help? Check out some of the editors and you’ll notice a few are even previous PitchWars Mentors. Visit there website to find out how to get advise and a free assessment of your synopsis and first ten pages. You can also follow them on twitter and Facebook.

Happy writing!

P.D. Pabst
Blogger and writer of MG/YA fiction


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