If you thought writing the novel was hard, try summarizing your book-baby into a couple paragraphs. OY! But it has to be done if you plan to query agents. There are three main parts the query should contain:

1. The hook.
2. A mini synopsis
3. Brief BIO

I discuss more about the structure here, but be aware when I discussed the word count and genre, it can also be contained in the BIO paragraph. Sometimes agents prefer it that way. Also, I want to remind authors to make sure you mention the stakes. I’ve critiqued several lately that have been very vague. Let the agent know what your MC risks losing.

With that said, many writers are aware of the infamous Query Shark blog. (If not, head over there NOW! There are a gazillion queries torn to shreds by the lovely Query Shark. Reading others mishaps can help you write better.Trust me.) But recently, I learned BookEnds Literary Agency is joining the query-shredding team, per se. SQUEE! Another chance to have the guts ripped from your words. Call me crazy (and you probably do), this is good people, GOOD-GOOD! BookEnds announced on April 6th, they now offer critiques by the QUERY QUEEN! If you are getting rejections, submit for a chance to learn what’s not working in your query letter before you send to another round of agents.

As always, good luck!

P.D. Pabst
Writer and blogger of MG/YA fiction


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