I’m fortunate that I have a wonderful friend who had a sister that once thought about writing. This sister handed over her enormous “How To Write” book collection to my friend (since years ago she became a lawyer instead). Now guess who got all those wonderful books? That’s right, Me! Among these books are some duplicates and I thought that I’d share them with a few lucky winners over the next few months. First up is THE ART OF FICTION: NOTES ON CRAFT FOR YOUNG WRITERS by John Gardner, author of GRENDEL.

The Art of Fiction

The book is a Vintage Books Edition, June 1991, a division of Random House. On the cover: “A necessary handbook, a stern judge, and encouraging friend.” –John L’Heureux, The New York Times Book Review. The window for entries will be open until March 6th when the winner will be announced in an update on this blog page.

Since WordPress won’t allow Rafflecopter on free sites, I’ve had to create an author page on Facebook with a tab for GIVEAWAYS. There, I was able to download the Rafflecopter for everyone to enter. Just click here to access the entry form. Pass the word along, and retweet so your writerly friends will have a chance to win. Good luck!

Update: Thanks to everyone who retweeted or posted on Facebook. However, no winner will be announced because there weren’t any entrants. Thanks to everyone who let me know the entry form wasn’t working or the link wasn’t functioning. This was my first time using Rafflecopter, so I will work on getting the kinks out for the next giveaway. Keep an eye out for the upcoming query critique offered by Literary Agent Joanna Swainson!


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