Ever want to tell someone to kiss your words because they said you wouldn’t make it as a writer? If you’re having moments you believe them, maybe you should tell them. Don’t listen to their words:

• “You’re from a small town, no one will listen.”
• “You’re not smart enough.”
• “Your style isn’t right.”
• “Get your head out of the clouds.”
• “You’re too young/old.”

I could ramble endlessly about things I’ve heard people say to writers. Even family and friends can be negative unintentionally. Remember, it doesn’t matter what they believe. You must believe in yourself. Tell them to kiss your words! When they look puzzled, just repeat and walk away with a smile. (Yes, I said smile Mr./Mrs. Sourpuss!) Sure, being an author is a difficult road. But believing in yourself keeps you determined to find the tools you need to succeed. You don’t need to explain to negative people how you plan finding your way into the writing world. Just keep writing and you’ll get there.

What’s that? All those rejection letters are piling up and making you doubt yourself. If I have to hand you a tissue, I’m going to throw the box at your head. Many famous authors were rejected before they found success:

John Grisham: A Time to Kill was rejected by 16 publishers.
James Patterson: Rejected by more than a dozen publishers.
J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter was rejected by 12 publishing houses.
William Faulkner: Sanctuary was said couldn’t be published.
Nicholas Sparks: The Notebook was turned down by 24 literary agencies.

And even though I would love to add Chronicles of Narnia author, C.S. Lewis, rejected 800 times before his first publication, those numbers are still in question. But if they are true, the promise for publication is great for new writers. Everyone gets rejected…EVERYONE. So, chin up and keep believing in yourself!

P.D. Pabst
Writer and blogger


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